The joy of ironing

I did something today that I haven’t done in at least a couple of years; I got out the iron and ironing board. I had to find the ironing board – above is the closet where I finally found it – and actually put water in the iron. It was worth it though. See, tomorrow is a big deal for me in such a small way. Tomorrow is picture day.

The pictures I use on social media are old. I haven’t had professional headshots done since a little over five years ago. I was a director then. My kids were not quite 6 and 2. I was, roughly, 25% heavier than I am now. To say I was different then is an understatement.

I feel different too. I look at the world differently and value different things. For instance, I hated ironing. It was a chore and I really disliked chores. I didn’t want to make the time. It was a bore. I’d rather have been doing nearly anything else.

As I was thinking of what to wear for my picture, I realized that my best bet dress shirt was a little rumpled. Not wrinkled really, but not crisp, in the way that wrinkle-free shirts do. Yes, I still get wrinkle-free shirts because I’m not a barbarian. Or, maybe I’m still kind of lazy, but back to the story though. The shirt wasn’t crisp. That’s the point.

A funny thing happened as I was ironing. I was thinking about all of that and I was suddenly surprised. I actually found myself enjoying ironing. Not in a “I want to do this every day” kind of way, but more of a “I’m looking forward to how I’m going to feel in this tomorrow” way.

When I get my picture taken tomorrow, it will be another snapshot in time. In five years, I’ll likely look back on it and think about how different life was when I had that one taken. It’s possible that everything will have changed or nothing major will have. In either case, at least I’ll be wearing a crisp shirt.

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